Frequently asked questions about our products

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions about us and our products.

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  • Our products are currently available in the vast majority of service and grocery stores.

    Read more about which stores and how to become a retailer here.

  • The only thing that sugar can be used for in the body is energy. Sugar comes with no other useful properties. In the Western world, energy shortages are hardly a problem, so sugar is completely unnecessary.

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  • Stevia, which has been used as a sweetener for thousands of years, is extracted from the sweet flag plant and is almost 300 times sweeter than white refined sugar.
    Read more about Stevia here.

  • The sweetness of plums, grapes and pears. Contains no calories and does not affect your block sugar.
    Read more about Erythritol here.

  • Sweet fiber derived from corn starch, among other things. A fiber that is appreciated by both your stomach and your taste buds. We promise!
    Read more about sweet fiber here.

  • Xylitol is also often called birch sugar, and is originally (unsurprisingly) from the trees in the forest.
    Read more about Xylitol here.

  • Wheat consists mostly of starches, which are chains of glucose that the body converts into just that - glucose - very quickly!
    Read more about why we don't use wheat here.

  • Nope, no palm oil in any of our products. That's good, right? We use vegetable oil in the form of sunflower, shea and coconut instead.
    Read more about why we don't use palm oil here.

  • YES BOX if you are looking for low carbohydrate products, our products are perfect for you!
    Read more about low-carb diets here.

  • That's right! To find out how many SmartPoints each product contains, check your Weight Watchers app.
    Read more about low-calorie diets here.

  • Yes, we always aim for the lowest possible blood sugar impact when developing our products and sometimes call ourselves a "diabetes brand in disguise" However, we always recommend keeping an eye on your blood sugar as everyone reacts differently.
    Read more about how our products affect your blood sugar here.

  • Our products are designed to be as blood sugar neutral as possible and we would never add any sugar.We have no restrictions for pregnant women when it comes to any of our products. Our entire range is approved and is safe to consume for pregnant women. For specific dietary advice for pregnant women, we recommend that you contact your midwife or health care provider for guidance.

  • As a lacto-ovo vegetarian, you can eat all our products except our Protein n' series.

  • Polyols are not absorbed in the same way in the body. You can calculate 'Net carbs' = carbohydrates - polyols.

  • Of course! If you are disciplined and good at planning your calorie intake, our products can definitely be accommodated. Maybe not every day but definitely once in a while!

  • I don't know what the definition of "mass" is, but if you compare our products with equivalent "sugar products", you will notice that ours are lower in calories in 99 cases out of 100.

    We never use sugar (4 kcal/g) in our products, instead we primarily use xylitol (2.4 kcal/g), erythritol (0 kcal/g), stevia (0 kcal/g) and fiber (1-2 kcal/g depending on the type).

    However, in addition to the sugar substitute, a certain amount of fat (9 kcal/g) and protein (4 kcal/g) is needed for the texture and taste of the product. The amounts of these vary depending on the product and thus add different amounts of calories to different products. In chocolate, for example, cocoa butter has to make up a certain proportion of the product to be called "chocolate" at all. Furthermore, the fat is required for the chocolate to taste good, have the right hardness and melt in the mouth.

    So, since almost all the products we make consist of more than just sugar substitutes, there are x number of calories depending on the amount of fat and protein needed to make a good product.

  • This is from the naturally occurring sugars in the raw materials used in the products, mainly from the lactose in milk.

  • All drops except the cookie flavor are vegan.

  • Unfortunately, our nut bars are produced in the same facility as the non-nut bars, and although they are thoroughly cleaned between batches, we can never guarantee that there are no traces of nuts.

  • Our protein bars and protein wafers contain bovine collagen peptides. No other bars contain collagen or gelatin. None of our products contain alcohol.