Our story

Nick's story starts with our founder Niclas. In 2013 he was diagnosed with prediabetes and as a consequence he had to change his diet and give up what he loved most in life, chocolate and ice cream.

Being the engineer that he is, he decided to go the experimental route and test a solution with other more experienced food enthusiasts to create treats that taste amazing and don't compromise on health. Niclas got his blood sugar levels under control with his new diet and the idea for Nick's was born.

Our journey

  • 2014


    Niclas starts experimenting with new ways of sweetening. He excludes added sugar and other carbohydrates and begins to understand that these building blocks do not have to be present for sweets to actually taste good. No added sugar can also be sweet.

  • 2017


    The Nick's brand is launched on the Swedish market with a range of confectionery and protein bars. The launch is totally out of conetrol and the bestseller Kexbar (now Chocolate wafer) wins a taste test as Sweden's tastiest chocolate biscuit. Well, no one remembers a coward.

  • 2018


    Via Amazon, Nick's starts to be distributed outside Sweden in markets such as France and Germany and we become the best-selling foreign brand on Amazon UK. The product portfolio is expanded and ice cream is launched in family packs. Creamy and simply delicious.

  • 2019


    US here we come! Nick's is introduced in US stores with Swedish-style light ice cream. Pints filled with love, cookie dough and low carbs and calories are taking Yanks by storm.

  • 2020

    New big market

    The creamy pint ice cream is now also launched in Sweden and now everyone can have an ice day, every day. Sea salt caramel is the best-selling functional ice cream on the market and more ice cream flavors in the same range are launched on an ongoing basis.


    Keep up the good work

    Full speed ahead with introducing the ice cream to new markets around Europe. And what happens next? Well, what we know is that we will continue to offer products that taste great and are also good for you. All this to sweeten up your day.